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About Millie

Birthplace: Lima, Peru – though deepdown, she’s an Arequipa girl through and through

Favorite color: Deep red and/or navy blue

Childhood dream: To be a teacher, then a doctor

Favorite dessert: Tiramisu and Haagen Dazs chocolate chip ice cream

Milagros Navarrete Cervantes was born on May 4, 1985 at 2:15am on a Saturday night to Erika Cervantes and Walther Navarrete.  From day one, she was ready to party and dance the night away!  As a little girl, Millie loved to play tea time and was a true mom to her dolls, which she loved to take on walks.  Once she learned how to add, she also enjoyed playing Monopoly with her cousins on Sundays.

Millie attended Northwestern University and majored in Industrial Engineering and Economics with a minor in French.  Upon graduation, Millie decided that if she was not going to be a teacher or a doctor, then being a consultant would be just as good.  Millie started to work at Deloitte Consulting’s Chicago office, where she first met the man that would become the love of her life.  After a three-year stint in London, Millie moved to Boston to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School.  For the three years that she lived in London, Millie was generally thought insane by her friends for waking up at 7am on Saturdays to go play tennis. She never missed her lesson, rain or shine.