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Our Story

How We Met

July 30, 2007 was a hot summer day in Chicago and also Drew and Millie’s first day at Deloitte.  All the new analysts were instructed to show up at 8am in order to start our official orientation and get our laptops – the device consultants use to save the world one PowerPoint at a time.  We were also instructed to make sure that we go to take our ID picture during the break.

Millie only knew one other person in the start class, her friend and former NU classmate, Katy.  So they headed together to get their picture taken.  As they were standing in line, another analyst came and joined the line right behind Millie.  He said, “Hi, I’m Drew”.  Katy and Millie introduced themselves and the three of them proceeded to make small talk for the next few minutes as they were standing in line.  Drew thought Millie was cute and Millie thought the same about him.  It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Our First Picture Together

How We Became a Couple

Over the next year, Millie and Drew became best friends and went on many walks around Chicago.  When Millie moved to London in the fall of 2008, they still kept in touch almost every day and would get together with their analyst class whenever Millie flew to Chicago.

For her 25th birthday, Millie flew in to Chicago to celebrate with friends and Drew cleared his schedule to spend as much time with Millie as possible.  That was the night Drew decided that maybe he liked Millie more than just as a friend.

Over the next few months, Millie and Drew began dating across the Atlantic, and shortly before Millie began school, they became an official couple.  In Cambridge, they attended numerous business school events, parties, brunches, and walks.  Drew realized that Millie was the woman he wanted to spend his life with, so began saving for a ring and moved to Massachusetts.


The Weekend of ….


The Day After – At North Avenue Bridge

Drew had been wanting to show Millie Shelbyville for a while, and they decided that the weekend of October 18th would be the perfect weekend to visit Drew’s hometown and introduce Millie to his nephews, Joey and Jimmy.

On the night of Thursday, October 18th, Millie’s flight arrived into Chicago on time and she was ready to meet up with Drew in the city.  However, due to traffic delays, it took Millie two hours to finally make it downtown.  Drew had mentioned that it would be nice to go out for a nice dinner and a walk since the weather was still nice.  As Millie’s taxi pulled up to the hotel, Drew was standing there with a two-person umbrella and ready to take her out to dinner.

At dinner, Drew was very flustered and kept looking distracted – this really should have tipped Millie off.  Millie asked him if he was okay, to which Drew replied, “Oh, I’m jittery because I had two cups of coffee before my finance class today.”  They continued on with dinner and as soon as they settled the bill, Drew hailed a taxi.  At that point, Millie figured that the walk was off since it was fairly late.  Little did she know that Drew had other plans in mind…

Once they got into the taxi, Drew asked the driver to take them to North Avenue bridge.  He told Millie it would be nice to walk for a little bit around North Beach.  They crossed Lakeshore Drive to walk along the beach.  However, they soon decided that it would be good to cross back towards Lincoln Park.  As they were crossing North Avenue bridge, Millie stopped to take a few pictures of the Chicago skyline with her phone.  As she was taking the pictures, Drew said to her “so, I have a question.”  Millie said “what’s that?” as she finished up taking the second picture and turned around to find Drew on one knee.  Drew took Millie’s hands into his own and asked “how do you feel about spending the rest of our lives together?”  Millie replied by happily saying “I think that’s a great idea!”  “So that’s a yes?”  “Yes.”

Drew had not yet pulled out the ring, in fear that it might fall onto the highway below, and directed Millie to the center of the bridge.  As he put the ring on her finger, they hugged and kissed because they were so happy that they would be spending the rest of their lives together.  Since it was a bit late, they kept the news to themselves until the next morning when Millie began the day by calling her mom to tell her the news.  Later that day, Drew and Millie drove to Shelbyville to share the news with Drew’s family and friends.